Graduate Assistants

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  • Sophia E Abbot

    Sophia E Abbot

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; student-faculty partnership; co-creation; high impact practices; critical pedagogy; educational development

  • Vanessa A Arias

    Vanessa A Arias

    Graduate Professional Assistant



  • Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Feminist and queer anthropology, ethnography, bodies and embodiment, gender and sexuality, drag performance


  • Ayondela McDole

    Ayondela McDole

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Black feminism, Black Marxism, Media Studies, Black identity, Black Literature, popular culture, oral histories, critical ethnography.

  • Kylie Musolf

    Kylie Musolf

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Sierra Scott

    Sierra Scott

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Psychoanalysis, literature on traumatic memory, unconscious memory, feminist theory, trauma theory, healing narrative

  • Nichole Michelle Smith

    Nichole Michelle Smith

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Reproductive and Productive Labor, Marxist Feminism, Online Culture and Social Media, Social Movements and Social Change, Labor Movements, Anti-Rape Activism