For Prospective Graduate Students

Our program has more than 50 faculty members who examine gender issues working on a wide range of topics and with various disciplinary and theoretical approaches. The information on this page should be of particular interest to prospective graduate students. They can learn more about the program and guide them through the application process.To Request Information

To request more information or to register your interest in our degrees, contact the Office of Admissions.  We strongly encourage you to do this so we can provide you with better service and keep you informed about upcoming events relevant to your program of interest.

We offer two academic programs for graduate students:

  • Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies
  • Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentration in Women and Gender Studies

The Women and Gender Studies program encourages applications from students who want to pursue interdisciplinary research on women and gender in the humanities, social sciences, policy studies, and arts.  For more information on faculty areas of specialization see Interdisciplinary Fields of Research.

Read more about the programs, application information, and degree requirements below. Students interested in our programs should complete either a MAIS Inquiry Form or a Certificate Inquiry Form. When you're ready to apply, the webpage How to Apply (below) will guide you through the application process.