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LibraryThe Women and Gender Studies Center houses a library of over 1,000 books related to current topics in Women and Gender Studies, including books necessary for our courses, and other unique and interesting topics. Students may check out books for a three-week period. We ask that individuals be prepared to provide their Mason email when checking books out. 

During the summer of 2020, student staff were diligent in the reorganization of the library.  The library is now organized under the Library of Congress system and entirely cataloged online.

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We now have a book by our very own director, Anu Aneja! Come by the center to learn more!

Feminist Theory and the Aesthetics WithinThis book re-examines feminist theory through the lens of South Asian aesthetic conventions drawn from iconography, philosophy, Indo-Islamic mystic folk traditions and poetics. It discusses alternate fluid representations of gender and intersectional identities and interrelationships in some dominant as well as non-elite Indic aesthetic traditions. The book explores pre-Vedic sculptural and Indus terracotta iconographies, the classical aesthetic philosophy of rasa, mystic folk poetry of Bhakti and Sufi movements, and ghazal and Urdu poetics to understand the political dimension of feminist theory in India as well as its implications for trans-continental feminist aesthetics across South Asia and the West. By interlinking prehistoric, classical, medieval, premodern and contemporary aesthetic and literary traditions of South Asia through a gendered perspective, the book bridges a major gap in feminist theory.

An interdisciplinary work, this book will be useful for scholars and researchers of feminist theory, women’s studies, gender studies, art and aesthetics, philosophy, literature, cultural studies, queer studies, sexuality studies, political studies, sociology and South Asian studies.