Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Women and Gender Studies Program and Center comprise an integrated unit designed to provide opportunities for intellectual, personal, and social inquiry and interrogation related to sex; gender; gender identity/expression; sexuality; intersections with race, ethnicity, class, (dis) ability, age, nationality, immigration and citizenship status, and religion, through feminist, queer and multiracial lenses, with a focus on global and transnational issues and public policy.

 The program and center meet this mission through:

  • Academic coursework, research, academic resources, and certifications
  • Opportunities for student development and co-curricular programming and a space for safe personal inquiry

The Women and Gender Studies Program at George Mason University:

  • Provides an explicitly feminist/queer/multiracial framework/lens for academics, research and student development
  • Understands and interrogate systems of power and inequality as they shape all aspects of life: political, social, economic, the arts, humanities, personal
  •  Promotes a climate for understanding and appreciating differences that leads to valuing the contributions of everyone
  •  Prepares students to become good global citizens and ethical and socially conscious leaders of the 21st Century
  •  Creates opportunities for collaboration and community engagement (service learning, internships, civic engagement)
  •  Develops research and critical thinking and writing skills
  •  Connects student interests and passions with career opportunities and life long learning
  •  Serves as an educational resource to the wider Mason campus through activities that highlight issues of women, gender, sexuality and identity.