Women and Gender Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

David Powers Corwin

David  Powers Corwin

David Powers Corwin

Program Coordinator


British women writers, masculinity and popular culture, men's friendships, Contemporary women writers, masculinity studies

David currently serves as the program coordinator for Women and Gender Studies. In his role, he provides academic support to the program, is the budget manager, schedules courses, and supervises student staff. David also handles the logistical coordination for much of the University Life programs that Women and Gender Studies hosts. He also works with curriculum development and occasionally teaches courses in the program. 

Current Research

My current research is a short book project on the constructions of masculinity in the Victorian sensation novel. 

Courses Taught

WMST 300: Masculinities in the Media and Literature

WMST 300: Race, Gender, and the Late Twentieth Century

WMST 200: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies 


B.A. Milligan College

M.A. George Mason University 

MAIS George Mason University 

Recent Presentations


Intersectionality and Resource Centers: Looking at Strategies for Student Success

University Life Student Success Symposium: Achieving Our Goals for Student Success, George Mason University

Queering Spira: Gender, Power, and Defeat in Final Fantasy X

2015 Southwest Popular/American Culture Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Why Marry?: Women, Marriage, and Social Status in Japan

2015 Global Discourses on Women Conference, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Receiving Hegemonic Masculinity: Masculinity, Women, and Culture in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth

2015 Politics, Gender, and Justice: Intersections of Identities and Disciplines Conference, George Mason University, Fairfax VA

Slowly Working Toward Masculinity: Masculinity, Disability, and Heteronormativity in J.M. Coetzee's Slow Man"

2015 Critiquing Cultures Conference, George Mason University Fairfax VA

Have We Improved Upon Positive Racial Representation in Television? African American and Asian American Representation in Grey's Anatomy

2015 Gender and Sexuality Conference, Pacific University, Portland, Oregon. 


Where is the Child’s Narrative?: The "Queerness" of Children in the Films Shelter and Any Day Now

Politics, Gender, and Justice: Intersections of Identities and Disciplines, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Women as Part of the Patriarchy: Masculinity, Women, and Relationships in Virginia Woolf’s Novels

Women and Society Conference, Marist College Poughkeepsie, New York,