Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies

This certificate is now offered fully online, including options for hybrid and/or in-person coursework. 

The 15-credit graduate certificate in women and gender studies enables students interested in an academic career to enrich their research and analytical skills. Students interested in a professional career are prepared to address gender-related challenges in both domestic and global settings. The certificate adds an area of specialization to any graduate degree, giving students a competitive edge in the world of work. The core courses provide students a groundwork in transnational feminisms, feminist theory, critical race theory, and queer theory. Electives allow students to select from a range of interdisciplinary classes across the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The certificate may be taken alone or in conjunction with another graduate program. Courses applied to the certificate may also be applied to a degree program, subject to approval of the graduate director of the respective programs. Electives from your degree program can be counted towards your certificate when relevant to Women and Gender Studies, in consultation with your graduate advisor. Be sure to talk to your graduate advisor early before filing for your degree. You cannot declare the certificate in the last semester of your degree program. 


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