Women and Gender Studies Executive Committee

About the Committee

The Women and Gender Studies Program mission is threefold: to provide academic programs in women’s and gender issues, to promote student outreach, and to support gender-related research.

The primary responsibilities of the Executive Committee will be to advise the Director, set program policies, and approve new course offerings and other curricular decisions. A subset of committee members will participate in the annual review of core faculty and in the hiring of new faculty.  The Executive Committee will conduct interim evaluations of the Director and advise the Director in personnel and staffing matters. 

Executive Committee members represent the program at both Women and Gender Studies events and college-level functions and have responsibility for initiating and undertaking special projects that foster the growth of the Women and Gender Studies program.  The Executive Committee will initiate and conduct research, and encourage others to do so, that contributes to the growth of the Women and Gender Studies Program.

Committee Meetings

Coming Soon!

Committee Members

  • Anu Aneja
  • Rachel Lewis
  • David Corwin
  • Tamara Harvey
  • Kelly Dunne
  • Wendi Manuel Scott
  • Nancy Hanrahan
  • Cynthia Fuchs
  • Creston Lynch
  • Cordelia Bristol
  • Allie Minieri
  • Julie Choe Kim
  • Krystalyn Morton
  • Jen Barnard

For More Information

For more information about joining the Executive Committee for Women and Gender Studies:

  • Peruse the WGST Executive Committee Bylaws here.
  • Contact the Interim Director of Women and Gender Studies,Tamara Harvey, PhD. at tharvey2@gmu.edu