Women and Gender Studies Center

Welcome to the Women and Gender Studies Center!

The mission of the Women and Gender Studies Center is to bridge academic coursework with student development, leadership, and coalition building.

We are designed to provide opportunities for intellectual, personal, and social inquiry and interrogation related to sex; gender; gender identity/expression; sexuality; intersections with race, ethnicity, class, (dis) ability, age, nationality, immigration and citizenship status, and religion, through feminist, queer and multiracial lenses, with a focus on global and transnational issues and public policy.

We host lectures, offer student development opportunities, and participate in important programs such as Women's History Month and the Consent Carnival to raise awareness and promote a sense of community on campus. Learn more about our events, access some of our women and gender studies resources, and get involved by visiting us!


WGST Center


Working Moms Support Group 

Fall 2022 Meetings

Wednesday, August 31 (Virtual)

Thursday, September 15 (Virtual and In-Person)

Tuesday, September 27 (Virtual)

Tuesday, October 11 (Virtual and In-Person)

Thursday, October 27 (Virtual)

Wednesday, November 9 (Virtual and In-Person)

Wednesday, November 30 (Virtual)


Contact Heather Aleknavage (haleknav@gmu.edu) for more information!

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Johnson Center, Room 240K
4400 University Drive, MSN 5B6
Fairfax, Virginia 22030-4444
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Phone: 703-993-2896
E-mail: wgst@gmu.edu