Dr. Joya Crear awarded the Margaret C. Howell Award

Associate Dean of University Life awarded Margaret C. Howell Award

Dr. Joya Crear awarded the Margaret C. Howell Award
Dr. Joya Crear, Associate Dean of University Life

We are proud to announce that Dr. Joya Crear, Associate Dean of University Life has received the Margaret C. Howell Award. The award is given to individuals whose efforts carry on the work and demonstrate the character of the late Margaret C. Howell, who retired from George Mason University in 2002 after 20 years of outstanding, committed service.

                Individuals receive this award if they have at least three continuous years of service at Mason, Displays evidence of work that promotes respect, diversity, and individual dignity throughout the university, and that the nominee’s efforts have impacted an individual or individuals, Mason, or the surrounding community.

                Dr.Crear is dedicated to her students, the people she supervises and the community. She has worked for diversity and advocates for diverse voices, encouraging them to be heard and present. Dr. Crear has been behind two key diversity initiatives: the BluePrint and Inclusive Learning Communities and has excelled in creating spaces for people to learn about diversity says Angela Hattery, Director of Women and Gender Studies. Joya Crear also is the Associate Dean over the WGST, ODIME, and LGBTQ Resources which showcases her work in diversity and importance to the center.

Dr. Crear mentions that her "primary source of motivation is the students and that she is committed to making Mason a safe and inclusive place where they can learn and achieve their goals". She is honored to be nominated and granted the award. We at Women and Gender Studies commend Dr. Joya Crear on her achievement and the work she’s done for our community.