Women and Gender Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Women and Gender Studies and LGBTQ Resources' Welcome Week Pizza Party

by Lauren G. Parker

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On Wednesday, August 28th, Women and Gender Studies partnered with the LGBTQ Resources office in hosting a Welcome Week pizza party. Angela Hattery, Director of Women and Gender Studies, said that the more than sixty students who attended had the office “packed to the gills!” Some attendees frequent the LGBTQ Resources office, others frequent Women and Gender Studies, and a great number were new to Mason. But even those students who came solely for the promise of free pizza stayed to chat, showing promising signs of returning to our inclusive spaces. Both offices hope that the party, in combination with other events, will enable established students to build relationships with both newer students and pizza seekers so that all become aware of the resources available here at Mason for study, discussion and advocacy of women’s and gender issues. Both Women and Gender Studies and LGBTQ Resources were pleased with the outcome of the pizza party and are excited to see those new faces returning and taking full advantage of the resources each office offers. Our advice: Come early next year to secure your pizza, the crowd is only going to get larger!  

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