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Paula Ruth Gilbert Delivers TEDx Talk

Paula's ted talk
Dr. Paula Ruth Gilbert at TEDx Mason

“Ideas Worth Spreading” is the stated mission of the nonprofit organization, TED, who sponsored the TEDx George Mason conference on May 6th 2012. One of the highlights of the conference came from the impassioned ideas spread by our very own Dr. Paula Ruth Gilbert on women’s narratives of human rights. Opening the presentation with a story from her childhood, Dr. Gilbert spoke about a moment she became aware of the inequities girls and women faced and how she was told in explanation “Life’s just not fair.” This reasoning was not enough for the young Paula, who has remained committed to understanding the ways women’s rights are violated across the world and also understanding the ways women’s narratives can insert gender into discussions of human rights violations. The message that the audience took away was that everyone has the human right to tell their story. It’s our responsibility, therefore, to bear witness to these stories and react through activism and awareness to the human rights violations that are committed against women. You can watch Paula’s full talk on TEDx George Mason U’s youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU4bmCg7Os6n35rxV954utg.

Dr. Paula Ruth Gilbert is Professor of French, Canadian, and Women and Gender Studies in Modern Classical Languages and Women and Gender Studies. You can find her teaching “Women Who Kill” during Fall 2012.

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