Alumni Spotlight on Lauren Heath

by Christine Hernandez

Alumni Spotlight on Lauren Heath
Lauren Heath, pictured left, returned to campus to in the fall to support the annual Take Back the Night event.

Lauren Heath first heard of Women and Gender Studies while looking for a way to fulfill her global perspectives requirement. She said, “I had always felt very strongly about women’s rights but I didn’t really know much about it. After one class, I was hooked. I registered for more classes and applied to work at the Center, where I was happily employed for two years. Along with working at the Center, I was a Women and Gender Studies minor and spent as much time as possible at the Center and immersing myself in feminism. I dipped my toes into the Feminist Student Organization for a while as well.” Lauren joined the Feminist Student Organization during her senior year in order to help with the annual event, Take Back the Night.

Now, nearly two years after graduating from George Mason University, Lauren works part-time as a Hotline Operator at the National Abortion Federation. In that role she answers a hotline and determines if the caller is eligible for assistance.

Lauren recently accepted a position as a Sexual Assault Outreach Specialist for Fairfax County. She will be reaching out to different places and people in the community to discuss sexual assault and all of the programs offered to assist survivors within the county. “I’m excited to be involved in such an important cause and hope to do my part in making this world a safer and better place. If it weren’t for Women and Gender Studies, I have no idea where I would be working right now.,” Lauren explained, “ The courses I took and the material I studied changed the way I look at the world. I love Women and Gender Studies!”

Her advice to students, especially to those who are graduating is to be mindful of privilege.