Cher Weixa Chen Publishes New Book on Gender Pay Equity

Women & Gender Studies is pleased to announce that one of our new affiliate faculty members, Cher Weixa Chen, recently published a new book.  Compliance and Compromise:  The Jurisprudence of Gender Pay Equity examines the status of oen of the thre core international labor standards--gender pay equity--that has been largely overlooked, and explores how domestic legislative and judicial systems respond to the core International Labor Organization Convention No. 100 on Equal Renumeration.  It unravels udner what circumstances legislative and judicial compliance occurs, whith the novel application of the relatively new theory "transnational legal process" to explicate the phenomenon of "compliance." 

Cher Weixa, Chen, PhD is an assistant professor of international studies and integrative studies at New Century College and an affiliated faculty member in  Women & Gender Studies.