Meet Dr. Claudia Cabello Hutt!

Dr. Claudia Cabello Hutt is a new faculty member with dual positions in Women and Gender Studies and the Philosophy department. To get to know her better, here are a few Q&As to learn more about her!  
Q: How would you like students to address you? 

A: Claudia or Professor. 
Q: What are your pronouns? 
A: She/her/ella. 
Q: What are your favorite hobbies and activities?   
A: Traveling, woodworking and reading. 
Q: What are your areas of interest within Women and Gender Studies and Philosophy? What classes are you teaching this Fall 2023 semester?  
A: Latin American literature and culture, Latin American and Latinx feminist and queer thought, dissident archives, feminist history, decolonial and queer theory, and women writers, artists and activists (1850-1950). 
Q: How would you describe your teaching style? What and/or who has influenced the ways in which you engage with your students? 
A: By teaching Women and Gender Studies and Latin American and Latinx cultural history, I help develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. Through a diverse curriculum, participatory methodology and community building strategies, I work to create positive and challenging learning environments inside and outside of the classroom to support all my students in their learning process. A leading aspect of my teaching philosophy is the value of Diversity and Justice. In the context of a classroom and a college campus we strive towards racial and social justice by learning about cultural, individual and institutional forms of discrimination, facilitating conversations, building solidarity, and working collectively toward social transformation. For me, as a teacher, diversity and justice is acknowledging that each student enters the classroom with unique, intersectional identities and diverse experiences, traumas, learning styles, and educational goals. Seeing their whole humanity, not just their role as students is essential to us all feeling part of our small classroom community where teaching and learning is shared. 
Q: What are you most looking forward to this semester at Mason? 
A: Meeting the students! 
Q: How can students reach you? Do you have office hours? 
A: Yes. Tuesdays 3:00 to 4:00 in my office and on zoom and Thursdays by appointment. 
Q: Is there any more information that you would like people to know about you? 
A: You can follow my research in Academia at  and on Instagram at @redes_queer_networks.