Hear from WGST's Associate Director, Holly Mason Badra

We interviewed Holly about working at WGST, check out what she had to say!

Hear from WGST's Associate Director, Holly Mason Badra

What made you want to work or continue working in Women and Gender Studies?

I was eager to work in Women and Gender Studies for many reasons! One, I care about the mission of our program and center. Two, I love that we are an academic space dedicated to going beyond scholarship and research into activism (applying/ living out the concepts discussed in the classroom or lecture). Three, I admire our faculty (I’ve long admired their work and the contributions they make across campus). Four, I want to be a part of supporting WGST students who are remarkable scholars and powerful change agents.


What are you most passionate about in this area of study?

This is difficult to narrow down. Would it be too easy for me to say everything? What emerges for me specifically though are the areas where I have personal connection: queer theory and queer studies, intersectionality, transnational and global feminism, and focusing on women, gender, sexuality, and decolonization related to the SWANA region/populations/diaspora (with a particular focus on Kurdish feminist/ gender studies networks).


What do you hope to accomplish in your position here?

My goal is to support our students, faculty, and staff in any ways I can. I hope to help our students reach their goals (academic, professional, and personal). For faculty, I hope to reduce any metaphorical clutter or barriers that get in the way of focusing on their teaching, research, and professional/personal well-being. For our program at large, I hope to work together with our director, assistant director, and faculty to grow the number of students in our courses and programs. Lastly, I really look forward to connecting with our alums and seeing how we might be able to support them and stay in communication with them.

Overall, I look forward to building meaningful and nourishing relationships—within the program, across campus, and within our community (locally and globally).


What excites you most about working here?

The mission. Incredible faculty. Enthusiastic students. Intersectional feminist, Antiracist, social justice undercurrents guiding all we do.


How does working here contribute to your life/career goals?

I wrote on my vision board several years ago that I wanted to support change agents. This is exactly what I get to do in my role as associate director of women and gender studies. In life, my goal is to contribute to things that make a difference within areas of equity, access, human rights, and social justice. In my career, I am at my best, most fulfilled self when I am working within the intersections of higher education and social justice. I feel hopeful that this role will allow me to step into the paths that mean so much to me personally and professionally.


What unique experience do you contribute to WGST?

I have an extensive background in dance, so if we need to have a dance party, I’m ready!