Owens and Powers Corwin on Friendships, Boundaries, and Self-Care

Monday, March 28th, Women and Gender Studies hosted a panel featuring Allison Owens and our very own Dr. David Powers Corwin. Owens and Powers Corwin discussed what it’s like to lose friends, whether it’s through death or disagreement, and how those relationships can help us grow. Some of the topics discussed included a discussion around healthy friendship boundaries and what an unhealthy friendship looks like, global conceptions of friendship and how those differ from the US culture around friendship, and some tools for self-care. The panelists also discussed how important grieving the loss of a friendship is, despite how little those relationships are valued in the US.  

Professor LuLu Géza Kelemen’s WMST 100: Global Representations of Women class attended the panel as well. Students were also particularly interested in how someone’s identity informs who they are friends with. In the Q&A section of the panel, students expressed concerns about abusive friendships, and how to care for a friend while maintaining your own well-being.