Women and Gender Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sarah Metcalfe, First Student to Declare the WGST Major


Sarah Metcalfe is the first student to declare the Women and Gender Studies major also known as the Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies. 

Women and Gender Studies allows students the freedom to examine social problems in “real time.”  This is certainly part of what drew Sarah to the program, which allows her to examine issues from a variety of disciplinary approaches and through a many different lenses in ways she never thought was possible with other disciplines.

Through the Women and Gender Studies, she has been able to research and explore topics of interest in an open-minded, diverse environment where one’s voice and opinions can have an impact.  Sarah has also gained an understanding and empathy of what's at the heart of some of today’s most controversial issues.  She has a better understanding of how they directly relate to and affect her life and how to use the learned techniques in everyday interactions with people of all walks of life.

Sarah is active in the Women and Gender Studies program, including; participating in several Women and Gender Studies plays, performing a wide range of characters. She's been an avid cosplayer and fan of anime and manga for about 15 years.  It’s a great medium for connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds and has really helped in developing her creative crafting skills. Lastly, she has recently take up the study of self-defense for women.  It’s a great way to tone up one’s body and mind.

Pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies provides students with the academic training and co-curricular opportunities to define, understand, analyze and propose solutions to gender inequalities both in the US and globally. Students will be able to take courses with both faculty of Women and Gender Studies and the School of Integrative Studies whose background include feminist research methods, gender-based violence, social justice and human rights, childhood studies, and sustainability.

Students will also complete experiential credits which will expose them to gender and sexuality issues in the wider community. Graduates are prepared to pursue careers in human services, non-profit work, law, public health, teaching or graduate studies.

To learn more, please visit http://integrative.gmu.edu/programs/la-ba-ints-wgst or contact our undergraduate advisors, Misty Krell (mkrell@gmu.edu / 703.993.1436) or Nancy Xiong (nxiong@gmu.edu / 703-993-2896).

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