Women and Gender Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

WGST Minor Student Profiles

My name is Tanya Donangmaye and I am currently a junior majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Development. I chose Women & Gender Studies as my minor because after receiving my degree I plan to pursue a career where I am able to empower and advance the role of women in developing nations socially, politically, and economically. However I’ve since realize that this minor has been like opening “Pandora ’s Box” and I’ve learned beyond my expectations through the great classes I’ve taken towards the minor with very knowledgeable professors.


Thus far my favorite course has to be the Philosophy of Sex and Gender, it was really cool to learn about what the great ancient thinkers such as Plato thought about gender and sexuality, as well as have the opportunity to dispute their views. My favorite aspects of the classes I’m taking for this minor are the fact we are constantly engaged in deep discussions surrounding intersectionality and professors are not afraid to talk about even the most uncomfortable of subjects including rape and abortion. 


I truly enjoy hanging out at the women and gender studies center because the staff is incredible, it’s a safe space to discuss touchy topics, and a great drama free environment. One thing which I feel makes the center unique is that its one of the few places on campus where you can observe a diverse group of people from different ethnic backgrounds, class, sex, and sexuality interacting and engaging in discussions with one another. Overall I’ve had an amazing experience with both within minor and the center, I definitely feel as though I've made the right choice! 

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