Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies

The 15-credit certificate program combines two required courses and three electives and can be completed as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with another advanced degree.  The certificate enables students interested in an academic career to enhance their research and analytical skills.  Students interested in a professional career are prepared for addressing gender-related challenges in both domestic and global settings.

Certificate Program Information


Graduate Certificate as a Stand-Alone Program

Applicants should fill out the online Application for Graduate Studies and include the following supporting application requirements: college transcript, letters of recommendation (2), goals statement, résumé or curriculum vitae


Graduate Certificate in Addition to a Degree Program

Students already enrolled in a Mason graduate degree program should submit a Secondary Program Application along with a copy of their primary program application file, and a goals statement detailing their interest in Women and Gender Studies.  All other requirements are waived.   

Secondary Program Application:



  • Core courses: WMST 630 Feminist Theory; WMST 640 Women and Global Issues
  • Three elective courses (9 credits) from anywhere in the curriculum related to the study of women and gender
    • Please note that writing a course research paper that engages gender analysis may count towards completing these credits.


  • Capstone Portfolio, WMST 699 
    • Students synthesize their work in the certificate program by reflecting on how issues, ideas, and theories raised in the core courses inform their understanding of gender issues within their area of interest. The portfolio includes three to five items produced in previous course work and a 7-10 page essay discussing them. Items selected may include course papers, performance videos, photos of exhibits, tapes of music, or other items as agreed on by the student and advisor. The portfolio must be approved by the advisor and submitted to the Women and Gender Studies program where it will be presented, displayed, and archived. Students must have completed their course work for Women and Gender Studies certificate, or be in the last semester of their course work to complete this requirement.
    • Register for the Capstone Portfolio with an Individualized Section form. The Graduate Director should be listed as the Instructor. The form will need the signature of the Women and Gender Studies Program Chair. 



For more information contact the Graduate Director  

Rachel Lewis