Response to Club Q Shooting on Behalf of the LGBTQ+ Resources Center November 2022

We are holding our community close today as another act of hateful violence against LGBTQ+ people has occurred. Just before midnight on Saturday, November 19th, at least five people lost their lives, and at least 25 more were wounded, at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO. Prior to the arrival of law enforcement, patrons subdued the assailant, preventing further injury and death. We applaud these brave individuals for their heroic actions. 

LGBTQ+ spaces are meant to be safe havens, which are critical in a world where queer and trans people cannot always  be their full and authentic selves without fear. This most recent incident is a reminder that violent or hateful rhetoric emboldens those who would target, harm, and kill LGBTQ+ people.  While our center’s work on campus and in Mason communities is growing, the creation of a better future for queer, trans, non-binary, and questioning youth is all of our responsibility.  

Mason’s LGBTQ+ Resources Center sends our love to the Colorado Springs community during this time of grief. Let us all recognize this tragedy as a call to action and work continuously for a university, state, national, and global community where LGBTQ+ people can live peacefully without fear of violence, for simply existing. Our collective work is more important than ever to counteract hate and violence.     

In this time of collective trauma for the LGBTQ+ community, please know that there are resources available to support you at Mason 



Faculty and Staff 

 Let us remain unbroken, undaunted, and undeterred in the continuous pursuit of justice, peace, and community.  

In love and solidarity, 

Josh Kinchen (he/ze)

Director, LGBTQ+ Resources Center  


LuLu Géza Kelemen (they/them) 

Assistant Director, LGBTQ+ Resources Center 


(Additional information coming from a collective of campus partners soon for spaces being created for the community)